Friday, December 2, 2016

TBK 4 is live.

The title kind of gives it away, but here it is:
The bathrobe knight book 4 is officially live.

This link will help you find it if you can't on amazon.
Enjoy! Remember though, new protagonist, same Tiqpa timeline.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Bathrobe Knight 4?! What?!

So, I noticed a lot of people are still reading this site? That's why I thought I'd come and tell you guys good news! On, you can find the beautiful beginning of the fourth Tiqpa book, picking up where the story left off with Darwin's conquest of Tiqpa just beginning, but with a new protagonist (Locke).

Here is a direct link to the beginning of the new story, we've been updating daily (Mon-Friday):

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Volume 3 is live!

The Bathrobe Knight Volume 3 IS LIVEEEE

(If the link gives you problems, just search bathrobe knight volume 3 on amazon).
Feedback on the cover is needed (by the way).

Also, on a less excited note, The new site is also coming along somewhat nicely? Joeglens has helped a lot, but I'm still damned to figure out what I want to do with it stylistically.
Let me know how it feels (I only put up chapter 1 book 1 for test).

Or click this link

Anyways, like always, thank you for your patience. Expect the new series to be updating sometime in the next two weeks. Once the feedback is solid, and the style is agreed on, we'll be moving to the new site in the future.

Thanks again for helping me grow this site, and following me on the initial bathrobe knight trilogy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Book 3? It might be out by the time I publish this.

So, book 3 is about to be published, we submitted it today, we're just waiting on Amazon to publish it. Will post with more updates later (when I see it go live).

Also, Thank Josh and Anon for working extra hard these last two weeks to help format and edit this book.

Ps. Hope you have a good week.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not dead yet

sorry for the lack of posts, holidays. But, on a serious note, we're not dead yet and we're working on the end story / editing and whatnot. Like usual we like to save the "grand finale/ final piece" as something of a reward for customer who pays.

But, a few real questions, since I'm just waiting on editors at the moment, I had 2 main questions:
1. How do you feel about TBK 4? Are we happy wrapping up with TBK 3?
2. I'm thinking of starting to write a new series, would you guys like to take a part in its creation/ world building? I'd love to have a large group to spit ball some ideas off of.

This isn't a question, but the final part is: we're thinking of putting a new site together, something simple, do we have any "Do it yourself" web guides? I'm not sure if I like the blogspot. (I want a way shorter name than

Friday, December 25, 2015

Volume 3 - Chapter 9 - ?????

Okay, Merry Christmas! It's late, but the wife and I have been having a wonderful day and I lost track of time. Sorry! That said, I have a section for you. The text won't be all the same color, because I'm looking at completely rewriting one part, and tweaking several others. With the end coming up, it's hard to get my head around "how" or "if even" I want to end TBK. This feels like a good spot to wrap up a trilogy and work on developing new characters, but that's difficult for me, so I've dragged my feet. That said, I shouldn't delay further. Here you guys go, I hope you enjoy.

Also, for those who don't celebrate christmas, =P Take the section anyways maybe? Have a good one. Ps. SPoilers in chapter title caused me to leave it as ???? But, yeah, you all knew this was happening =P