Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not dead yet

sorry for the lack of posts, holidays. But, on a serious note, we're not dead yet and we're working on the end story / editing and whatnot. Like usual we like to save the "grand finale/ final piece" as something of a reward for customer who pays.

But, a few real questions, since I'm just waiting on editors at the moment, I had 2 main questions:
1. How do you feel about TBK 4? Are we happy wrapping up with TBK 3?
2. I'm thinking of starting to write a new series, would you guys like to take a part in its creation/ world building? I'd love to have a large group to spit ball some ideas off of.

This isn't a question, but the final part is: we're thinking of putting a new site together, something simple, do we have any "Do it yourself" web guides? I'm not sure if I like the blogspot. (I want a way shorter name than

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