Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Volume 3 is live!

The Bathrobe Knight Volume 3 IS LIVEEEE

(If the link gives you problems, just search bathrobe knight volume 3 on amazon).
Feedback on the cover is needed (by the way).

Also, on a less excited note, The new site is also coming along somewhat nicely? Joeglens has helped a lot, but I'm still damned to figure out what I want to do with it stylistically.
Let me know how it feels (I only put up chapter 1 book 1 for test).

Or click this link

Anyways, like always, thank you for your patience. Expect the new series to be updating sometime in the next two weeks. Once the feedback is solid, and the style is agreed on, we'll be moving to the new site in the future.

Thanks again for helping me grow this site, and following me on the initial bathrobe knight trilogy.

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